Introduction to Facal agus Fuaim

'Facal agus Fuaim' (Word and Sound) was developed by written by Gena MacLean and Donald John MacLeod of Highland Council and published by in 2005. It is used by many Gaelic medium primary schools in the early years (e.g. classes 1 - 3).

It is a 'synthetic phonics' approach to learning to read and write Gaelic. This approach teaches pupils which Gaelic sounds corresponds with which letter(s), and how Gaelic sounds and letters combine together to make words.  Phonetic approaches are also used in the teaching of other languages, including English - e.g. "Jolly Phonics".

Gaelic has a different sound system to English and to other languages. 'Facal agus Fuaim' has been specially designed for teaching Gaelic sounds, letters and words based on original research undertaken by Ionad Chaluim Chille on Islay.